Learn To Connect With Your Jacksonville Network

Connect With Your Jacksonville Network Attention Jacksonville entrepreneurs; here are eight simple steps to help you grow your home based businesses.

John C. Maxwell is an internationally-recognized leadership mentor who has sold over 12 million books. In an article entitled “Connecting with People” (Prosper Home-Based Business Solutions, January 2011), Mr. Maxwell explains how to maximize your influence by improving your ability to connect.

Jacksonville network marketers can use Mr. Maxwell’s guidance to motivate their sales teams and improve their relationships.

1) Don’t Take People for Granted
Your downline and Jacksonville customers provide your passive income. Without them, you do not have a Jacksonville home business. They are everything.

2) Possess a Difference-Maker Mindset
This rule speaks directly to each person’s level of confidence and sense of self-worth. If you don’t believe in your abilities, you will not inspire anyone to join your Jacksonville network marketing sales team.

3) Initiate Movement Toward People
People make things happen. Focus on the abilities of your direct selling team, not just strategies or projects.

4) Search for Common Ground
Creative Jacksonville MLM leaders can find a way to relate to every potential customer or sales team member.

5) Recognize and Respect Differences
Don’t pretend you are exactly alike or see eye-to-eye on every issue. Find a way to make your differences complement rather than clash.

6) Learn the Key to Others’ Lives
Learning about a person’s history can help you discover what motivates them.

7) Communicate from the Heart
Sincerity wins Jacksonville customers and network marketing team members.

8) Share Common Experiences
Interacting with MLM team members is time well spent.

To read the complete article, see Prosper Magazine, Volume 3, Issue 1. You can order a copy at Prosper Home-Based Business Solutions.

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